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5th International Workshop – GBHI 2021 December 7 - 9, 2021, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


a very special year will now come to an end. In addition to the usual highs and lows, there was only one subject that dominated us. Many direct encounters were not possible and for this reason we unfortunately had to cancel our meetings this year.

During this difficult time, we focused on the essentials – our members.

EUFEPS is proud and happy to welcome you to the first virtual annual meeting June 7-9 in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, AstraZeneca, Swedish Drug Delivery Forum and Swedish Pharmaceutical Society. The program will include parallel tracks organized by EUFEPS Networks as well as other leading European science networks/research consortiums.

MOVE of EUPAT10 & intro to EUPAT9½

After a long and careful consideration, the EUFEPS PAT and QbD Sciences network has decided to postpone the EuPAT10. However, in order to keep up with momentum we have decided to organize EuPAT9½ as a remote event with a theme on Continuous manufacturing already in October 8, 2020. At the same time, the planning of EuPAT10 is in full speed and the new date for the EuPAT10 meeting will be October 4 – 6, 2021, having the original conference venue in Gothenburg.