EUFEPS Membership includes 15 member societies from different countries in Europe as well member individuals and institutions reaching out to more than 15,000 professionals in pharmaceutical sciences and other disciplines as well as pharmacy students in graduate and post graduate level.


The recruitment of younger generations of pharmaceutical scientists for EUFEPS and its activities is an additional focus. As regional organisation, EUFEPS is bridging between the national, the regional and the global levels.


There are many good reasons to become a member of EUFEPS:

- EUFEPS offers you an excellent platform for scientific exchange, a basis for interaction and networking with qualified scientists from industry, academia and the authorities

- the congress program presents state-of-the-art topics through the braod field of pharmaceutical sciences

- EUFEPS provides an open forum for members to develop innovative concepts and methods and implement them in daily professional practice

- as a member you have the possibility to actively participate in the innovative topics of this modern scientific society

- EUFEPS members have the opportunity to contribute to guideline and legislative commentaries if they are interested

- Last but not least, membership offers discounts on EUFEPS workshops and continuing education.



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