EUFEPS exists to help to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities created by the consolidations occurring both within Europe and globally, driven on by a combination of rapid advances in science and technology, economic pressures, and by political will. Within this frame, EUFEPS’s role and contributions are amply expressed in its mission statement “EUFEPS serves and advances excellence in the pharmaceutical sciences and innovative drug research in Europe”.


As a member of EUFEPS, you’ll find yourself among nearly 15,000 scientists and researchers in Europe from every discipline in pharmaceutical sciences in a dynamic atmosphere where you’ll be constantly challenged to learn and grow and to share your ideas. You’ll have access to leaders on all levels of the EUFEPS federation and collaborate across the globe with the very best in the field.


Whether you are organized society at national level, either institution or individual involved in the field of pharmaceutical sciencses or member of other professional groups who would like to support the tasks of EUFEPS and if you have an insatiable scientific curiosity and the ability to articulate your vision, then join us at any of a wide range platforms for pharmaceutical researchers, watch the work you do create within EUFEPS that will impact the globe for generations to come.


What is EUFEPS?


The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS), is unique and the only pan-European body that represents the interests of scientists in industry, academia, government and other institutions engaged in drug research, development, regulation and drug policy making through Europe. EUFEPS is a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of teaching, science and research.

Essential elements of the work are the organization of professional congresses and the planning and implementation of high-quality, subject-specific workshops and seminars. You can take part in these, but as a member you also have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping them


EUFEPS is 'The Voice' of pharmaceutical scientists accros the Europe and it serves to its membership in achieving scientific goals and in resolving any issue related to pharmaceutical sciences as well as in promotion of pharmaceutical sciences in the Europe and beyond.