An aging population with increasing healthcare demands, the failure of drug candidates in late clinical phase, lack of suitable biomarkers, emerging and persisting infectious diseases in the absence of adequate prevention and treatment, the patent cliff, increasing regulatory hurdles amid an economic crisis - drug development may not be the most comfortable place to be.

How can, how must Pharmaceutical Sciences and Scientists contribute to this emerging European research environment? Which are the research priorities and objectives, how do the related implementation strategies look like? Who are the stakeholders, how are PPPs created and maintained? And how can research be translated to benefit European as well as global healthcare infrastructures? These are some questions we would like to address at this symposium with the implication of the EUFEPS membership and its networks, as well as outside partners.

The EUFEPS Annual Meeting is a three-day event with the opportunity to hold network and executive committee meetings prior to and after the symposium. The format is a mix of keynote lectures and workshops, along with podium discussions with contributions from the networks. Issues to be addressed are both the overarching topic as well as specific themes to be discussed from different perspectives.

EUFEPS Annual Meeting Series

EUFEPS Annual meeting 2021


June 7 - 9, 2021



Dear Colleagues,

We are taking EUFEPS annual meeting virtual 2021! EUFEPS is proud and happy to welcome you to the first virtual annual meeting June 7-9 in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, AstraZeneca, Swedish Drug Delivery Forum and Swedish Pharmaceutical Society. The program will include parallel tracks organized by EUFEPS Networks as well as other leading European science networks/research consortiums.

The aim of the Annual meeting is to bring together people from all over the world who are involved in pharmaceutical sciences in order to exchange the latest results, experiences, and information and to build communication and collaboration at regional and global scales. Another aim is to provide inspiring lectures giving insights into the future drug development and health care applications.

This meeting will be focused on the theme “Bridging the gap between the patient and the product design”. The main track of the meeting will continue throughout the scientific program on June 7-9 covering academic work and industrial application in a multitude of areas within pharmaceutical sciences. We will also make a lessons learnt session about drug treatments of COVID-19.

In total, we plan to hold this Annual meeting with prominent plenary lecturers, invited session speakers and short oral presentations selected among the abstracts. EJPS Best Paper Award, Best Poster Award, EUFEPS WIPS Women in Pharmaceutical Sciences Award and EUFEPS Presidential Distinction Award will be presented during the awards ceremony.

Hope to meet you live in our virtual classrooms June 7-9, 2021.


EUFEPS Annual meeting 2019


March 6 - 8, 2019

Frankfurt, Germany

The EUFEPS Annual meeting 2019 was focused on the theme “Personalized Medicines, Targeted Therapies, Precision Drug Delivery”. The main track of the meeting were continued throughout the scientific programme on March 6 to 8 covering aspects of personalized medicines, recent drug developments, new drug targets and drug delivery. Talks on each session were selected from the submitted abstracts. Young researchers had the opportunities to give short talks which were selected from the submitted abstracts.



◆ Oncology

◆ NBCDs, Nanomedicines and Nanosimilars

◆ Biomarkers for personalized medicines

◆ Targeted Drug Delivery and Age-appropriate Formulations

◆ Personalized Medicine Outside of Oncology

◆ Analytical Technologies

◆ Veterinary Medicines

◆ Pharmacogenetics Research and Implementation

◆ Process Analytical Contro

EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2018


October 7 - 8, 2008

Gothenburg, Sweden

This meeting focused on the theme “Crossing Barriers for Future Medicines”. The main track of the meeting was continued throughout the scientific programme on May 24 to 26 covering basic sciences in oral and mucosal drug absorption and transport to innovative medicines and their PK/PD evaluation.
As the concept of future medicines involves an extensive systems approach for both development and for preclinical and clinical evaluation, parallel tracks were organized by networks and EUFEPS member institutions and societies to discuss different aspects. Among these tracks available to the Athens 2018 participants, Nanomedicines tracks were organized by EUFEPS Network on Nanomedicine and Hellenic Society on Nanotechnology for Health Sciences HSNanoHS. Biotech and Biosimilars and Manufacturing of Future Medicines tracks were co-organized with industry, Novel Molecular Targets and New Oncology Drugs track were held by German Pharmaceutical Society, Personalized Medicine tracks were organized by EUFEPS Network on Systems Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics network EPRIN.


◆ Physiology of the GI tract relevant for drug absorption

◆ Nanomedicines and nanosimilars: How to assess how similar?

◆ Performance of dosage forms in the body and impact on drug absorption

◆ Drug absorption, dissolution and in-silico modelling – towards prediction paradise?

◆ Manufacturing of future medicines

◆ Biotech and Biosimilars

◆ New drugs in Oncology

EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2015


June 15-17, 2015

Geneva, Switzerland

The EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2015 brought together representatives of pharmaceutical sciences in industry, academia and regulatory agencies for discussion and exchange of
ideas in current and future strategies for the development of better medicines. The focus of the meeting was on highlighting issues related to different stages of the development process, such as systems pharmacology, predictive toxicology, novel approaches in pharmaceutical manufacturing (continuous processing, personalised medicines manufacturing), risk assessment and pharmacovigilance. The meeting were completed by an educational workshop on nanomedicine and a thematic session organised by the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC).
The conference was organised by EUFEPS and the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Geneva-Lausanne (EPGL), and held under the auspices of the European Federation for
Medcinal Chemistry (EFMC), the European Federation of Clinical Nanomedicine (CLINAM), and the Swiss Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPhS).


◆ Educational workshop on Nanomedicine

◆ Medicinal Chemistry

◆ New concepts of drug treatment

◆ Drug development - predictive toxicology, predictive translations

◆ New systems in manufacturing

◆ Medicines usage and its consequences

EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2014


June 16–18, 2014

Uppsala, Sweden

EUFEPS is there to advance sciences for better medicines and health. To this end, EUFEPS also engages with policy makers in Europe (parliament, commission, learned societies, public institutions etc.).


◆ Horizon scanning – Horizon 2020, the new Strategic Research Agenda, IMI-2

◆ Science for the future – system pharmacology; precision medicines; pharmacogenetics/ pharmacogenomics; medicines safety; complex drug delivery; manufacturing and egulatory science

◆ Research consortia building

◆ Breakout sessions – e.g. on locally applied and locally acting drugs; future manufacturing and quality; nanosimilars; precision medicines; drug efficacy and safety – providing chances to meet, discuss and identify new opportunities


EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2019


EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2018