Information for Mentees

At the end of the PhD often the questions arise as to which direction one can/should orient oneself. Those who want to benefit from individual guidance and career planning support at an early stage have found the right tool in the EUFEPS Mentoring Program.

Optimizing application documents, simulating job interviews and using personal relationships to get the mentee a job - a mentor is allowed to do all of this if it arises and if it fits. However, mentees should not expect this as an automatic part of mentoring, because this is not the original purpose of the cooperation.




> Individual counseling by a scientist with professional experience (mentor)
> Guidance at the end of studies, during doctoral studies and for career entry
> Practical preparation for the demands of professional life
> Further development of own competencies and soft skills
> Mediation of professional contacts in science and industry

Please note the following: A mentor is not a career coach who is supposed to get his mentee a job. Rather, he or she is supposed to provide support in choosing the right career path, to give suggestions and food for thought.



PhD or postdoctoral students from any area of pharmacy are eligible to apply as mentees.

Before you apply, please note the following:

1. the cooperation with your mentor takes time. Applicants should therefore be prepared to schedule regular meetings with their mentor, even during sometimes hectic phases of the PhD. Also, an already determined longer stay abroad during the mentoring program is not suitable for a successful cooperation with your mentor. In this case, we ask you to refrain from applying.

Travel costs to the meetings with the mentor and to the events of the framework program cannot be covered by the EUFEPS.

3. we ask doctoral candidates in the final phase of their doctorate to check whether the goals and wishes for the mentoring year and the associated time commitment can be reconciled with the completion of the doctoral thesis. The cooperation should be able to exist for the entire time, apart from temporarily quieter phases.



The individual needs of the mentees determine the topics of the cooperation. On this basis, the tandems conclude an agreement at the beginning of the cooperation that sets out the content and goals of the joint mentoring program. The form and regularity of the respective meetings in addition to the framework program are also discussed and recorded at the beginning.

At the end of the cooperation, the tandems hold a final meeting; mentees also prepare a brief report on their mentoring program.



In order to match tandems as precisely as possible, we need to know your personal situation and what you expect from a mentor. So please tell us in the application form why you want to join the EUFEPS Mentoring Program and what support you expect from the program and from a mentor.

Applications for the next round will be open in the fall of 2022.

There is no legal claim to participation in the mentoring program.

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