EUFEPS Workshop: PubPharm: The freely accessible search platform

Virtuelles Meeting

We want to invite you to the EUFEPS Workshop on September 23, 2021.

Dr. Christina Draheim and Stefan Wulle (Specialised Information Service Pharmacy, TU Braunschweig, Germany) will indtroduce you to "PubPharm: The freely accessible search platform".



The Specialised Information Service (SIS) Pharmacy provides comprehensive access to subject-specific information resources and supports university-based pharmaceutical scientists with customised and specific services. This cooperation project between the University Library Braunschweig and the Institute for Information Systems (IfIS) at Technische Universität Braunschweig is funded by the German Research Foundation since 2015 [1].
The central service is the drug-centred search engine PubPharm (, which is freely available. With a single query, many different resources can be searched: Around 30 million Medline (PubMed) publications, further 24 million articles from natural and life science journals, preprints (e.g. from ChemRxiv and bioRxiv), information on clinical studies, subject-specific patents, books (e-books, PhD theses), and conference papers. PubPharm provides different filter and sorting functions to refine the search results. The location-based availability logic supports direct access options for many electronic resources. In addition to the text-based search function, PubPharm contains a structure search capability, including similarity and substructure search. Where possible, search results are linked to relevant pharmaceutical and bioinformatical sources, e.g. KEGG, Uniprot, ChEMBL and DrugBank [1].

As a unique characteristic, PubPharm offers innovative search services developed by the IfIS, e.g., AI-based suggestion lists of related, context-similar substances, diseases/symptoms and genes when searching for a drug substance or a disease, and the visualization in interactive drug-disease-networks [2].

The workshop will introduce the PubPharm contents and functions based on search examples and highlight the unique characteristics. Moreover, an outlook on an innovative narrative service will be provided [3].


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  3. Kroll, H. et al.: International Conference on Conceptual Modeling. 2020, 250-260.




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Here can you download the CV of Dr. Christina Draheim and Stefan Wulle.


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