3rd EUFEPS Talks

Virtuelles Meeting

We want to invite you to the 3rd EUFEPS Talks on March 29, 2021.

Patrick Couvreur, Académie des Sciences and Université Paris-Saclay, France, will give a talk with the title: "COVID-19 AND DRUG DISCOVERY: CHALLENGES AND PHARMACOLOGICAL STRATEGIES".



The discovery and development of effective drugs against SARS-CoV-2 clearly represents a major medical challenge. At the time of writing the summary of the presentation, no new molecule has yet been approved to treat the infection or its clinical signs. Therapeutic approaches have so far converged towards the repositioning of old drugs (ie., small synthetic molecules or biomolecules), already used for the treatment of other pathologies to make medications more rapidly available to patients, since their mode of action and a biopharmaceutical and toxicological profiles are already well identified. Clinical trials, which are sometimes too numerous and contradictory, have received excessive media coverage, despite obvious methodological shortcomings. Others have, fortunately, been conducted with greater rigor. They generally aim to directly disrupt the viral cycle or to fight against the paradoxical inflammation and the vascular disease. Although no drug currently makes it possible to completely eradicate the infection and cure all patients, less than a year after the beginning of the epidemic, undeniable therapeutic progresses have nevertheless be obtained, thanks to the use of molecules with anti-inflammatory activity (corticosteroids and/or anticytokines of biological origin) associated or not with the use of anticoagulants. In the future, the emergence of new drugs will certainly result from a better understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the infection, as well as, of the physiopathological mechanisms, both still poorly understood. This research must be encouraged to enable chemists and biologists to produce novel and more effective molecules.

You can download the related paper to the talk with the following link: https://comptes-rendus.academie-sciences.fr/biologies/item/CRBIOL_0__0_0_A4_0/



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