14th Central European Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium (14th CESPT)

14th CESPT will be held from 28-30 September, 2023

CESPT 2023 will continue the tradition of serving as a unique forum for eminent industry and academic experts to share knowledge in the fields of Pharmaceutical Development & Nanopharmaceuticals.

The conference dates back to 1995, when collaborators from the Faculties of Pharmacy in Trieste, Italy, and Ljubljana, Slovenia worked to convene eminent experts in Bled (Slovenia) under the patronage of EUFEPS. Since then, the conference has been held in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, and Poland. This year, the 14th CESPT will be held in the ancient city of Ohrid, N.Macedonia.


The Scientific and Organization Committees invite everyone interested in the development of pharmaceutical sciences and new solutions in the areas listed below to participate in the symposium:

  • innovative dosage forms design,
  • product technologies and production processes,
  • quality by design in pharmaceutical production and quality of pharmaceutical products,
  • formulation strategies to improve patient compliance and
  • regulatory challenges in pharmacy practice.

For additional information please visit the Symposium website: https://cespt.org/ .

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